Wandering around The Wheatbelt.

After our Pilbara adventures, it was time to buck the winter trend and head south rather than following the convoy of Grey Nomads round to Broome.  It was a bit sad to leave behind the heat of the north and head for the cold, wet south but we knew that Broome in winter peak season would get very busy and very expensive, neither of which are great when you are on a budget and have a dog that has become very protective of his van and the space around it!  So we set off down the Great Northern Highway and, at times, it felt like we were the only ones heading south but we got lots of cheery waves and smiles from the north-bound sun-chasers.

After a few overnight stops along the Great Northern, we arrived back in the Wheatbelt, the agricultural and pastoral farming centre of WA.  The rolling hills, fields and greenery are a real contrast to the red dirt of the Pilbara and a reminder of how vast and diverse this state is.  Most Wheatbelt towns appreciate the business that tourism bring to their communities and are actively encouraging people to visit by providing excellent facilities, including some free overnight RV parking areas and campgrounds.  The area is famous for it’s Spring wildflowers and, although we were a few weeks ahead of the season, we saw the blooms starting to push through and bring bursts of colour to the area.

Our first stop was in Dalwallinu, a lovely little town surrounded by fantastic, well-marked bush trails where we were able to spend hours walking and running with Bobby each day.

Dalwallinu Adventures
Bobby having an absolute blast, running through the bush.


Run Bobby Run...
That is one happy puppy!


Dalwallinu Birds.
Sun and Shade…no matter where you go in WA, the wildlife is always beautiful.

After a few days in Dalwallinu, we made our way to Wongan Hills and set up camp at Lake Ninan.  It is an eerily beautiful spot and it was hard to resist taking hundreds of photos!  We stayed for a few days and had the place to ourselves…

Lake Ninan
Morning run at Lake Ninan.


Evening at Lake Ninan
Normally prefers to keep his paws dry but Bobby ventured in to the lake for a paddle one evening.


Lake Ninan
Running and relaxing.


A beautiful sunset over the lake.


When you get bored of just running and decide to try jumping too…


Back in the van...
Meanwhile, back in the van, Tiger continued to chill and soak up the winter sun.

Leaving Lake Ninan, we took a short drive through some beautiful countryside and farmland to our next stop, Yerecoin.

Yerecoin is a tiny little town, surrounded by beautiful countryside. We stayed for a week at the campground, it’s only $10 per night. It gets very busy with seasonal workers during the harvest but quiet at other times. We had a few days of rain but when the sun came out, it was beautiful.


An early morning run around Yerecoin before we headed to New Norcia to stock up on delicious Nut Cake and then on to York.
Morning frost in York. We have been in WA for 3 years and this is the first frost we have seen. Bobby wasn’t too keen to walk on it at first and Tiger refused to get out from under the duvet.
A frosty York morning…beautiful to look at from the cosiness of the van.
Our final stop in the Wheatbelt was Kwolyin, an abandoned town which has been turned into a free bush campground. We really enjoyed spending a few days here, there are lots of trails to do through the old townsite and over the surrounding rocks and it was the perfect spot for evening campfires to keep us warm.
Fields of gold surrounding the Kwolyin campground.
Fields of gold surrounding the Kwolyin campground.

We spent about 4 weeks travelling around the Wheatbelt.  The region was just starting to emerge from the Winter cold, Spring was just around the corner and the flowers were starting to bloom.  For us, this is where we found peace and quiet, great bush walks, friendly country towns and some excellent free camping.

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