Welcome to Adventurous Tails.

After 3 years of living in Perth, we gave up our jobs and our home, put our stuff into storage, bought a campervan and set out on a 6 month trip to see as much of Western Australia as we can before we return to live in Europe in November 2016.

This isn’t our first experience of van life.  Over 10 years ago, we did amazing trips around Australia and New Zealand in rented vans and we also had a great time driving around the Highlands of Scotland in an old VW pop top van a few years back.  We love the freedom of van life, we can go wherever we want but we always have our comfy bed and well stocked kitchen to go to after a day on the road.  The main difference with our current trip compared to our previous ones is that, this time, we have brought our pets, Tiger and Bobby, along for the ride.


So, what sort of travellers are we?

We are pretty laid-back, we tend to take each day as it comes and not plan too much in advance.

We take our time and don’t rack up much more than 200kms driving a day.

We try to find the route less travelled rather than following the main tourist drags.

We love to be on the coast but also enjoy going inland to discover the ‘Outback’.

We love walking, hiking and running so we are always looking for interesting tracks and paths.

We are foodies and love cooking up amazing, mainly vegetarian, meals in the van.

We like the quiet life and spend most of our evenings sitting around our campfire, reading our Kindles or playing Scrabble.

We enjoy photography.  Ali gets a bit fancy with her Canon EOS and various lenses and I snap away with my old iPhone 4.


We have no idea who will read our blog but we think it will appeal to:

Our family and friends around the world.

Fellow fortysomethings, who might be feeling like we were,  trapped by society’s expectations of what we should be doing at our age.  We hope to inspire you to take the plunge, give up the 9-5 grind and follow your dreams.

Animal lovers who want to follow the adventures of a travelling cat and dog and anyone thinking about travelling with pets.

Fellow van dwellers or anyone who dreams of living in a van.

Foodies.  We will share our favourite recipes with you along the way and hopefully show that you can cook up some pretty awesome meals in a tiny van kitchen.


Kym.  xxx.








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